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I have strep throat.I can't even eat a cracker...because I choke...my throat's so swollen. So..it's only fluids for me.This sucks...

just one more bad thing...

Well...my husband is now locked up in a mental hospital.He had a very bad psychotic episode...which he only partly remembers. I can't find the gun he wanted to commit suicide with. When the police took him maybe they got it. If not I'll have to report it as stolen.Sometimes I feel overwhelmed...but put on a good face for everybody else.Things have to get better...right?

las vegas

grand canyon

my friend robin & me
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jan's big adventure

I'm going to Arizona for a few days with my best childhood friend,Robin. She has a cabin there.I'll take pictures for painting ideas and see an area of the country I've never been to before.It will be a much needed vacation.We'll probably drink some wine too...s'okay..

Oct. 8th, 2003

Johnny Depp is so hot...especially with beads in his hair...
I'm about to fall asleep...but will write a little. I went to the the neurologist to see if I have Narcolepsy. They did an EEG to check my brain waves...butit came back normal. I guess I'm just sleep deprived and really exhausted.
My son was driving to the store a mile from our house to buy toilet paper. The strut broke on the right wheel while he was turning left on a curve, He went down a 25 ft.hole...but is ok except for scratches and bruises,The car was totaled and we got 50 dollars for it at a salvage yard. It was 150 dollars to pull it out with a wrecker. We're just glad he's ok. Saved by the seatbelt and air bag. He had to climb out of the hole...which was very hard...but then walked on to the store and bought toilet paper and called home. Such dedication !

Royal Tennenbaums

Paul and I watched "The Royal Tennenbaums" for the 2nd time today. It's great.I want to see "Bottle Rockets"
Love those Wilson brothers!!


We finally got the computer fixed...so I can write in here again.I got to go to a 4th of July family get-together in Missouri. It's the first time I'd seen any cousins,aunts or uncles since I had the cancer nightmare and subsequent cancer treatment nightmare.
I had a good visit. My brother and sister were there. The only person missing was my Dad. I still miss him desperately.

Healthy boobies

I had my mammogram and it came out great. I'm officially a cancer survivor.Hooray!!!!!

Apr. 7th, 2003

I'm writing in here tonight...instead of doing my taxes.Procrastination should be my middle name!S o much has happened this year.Last year I had cancer and survived so somehow I thought this year would be different.My truck was stolen New Year's Eve...so I should have seen it coming.My Dad died in March...my son was in the hospital with seizures and my neices husband had his arm ripped off at work.Things have got to get better...that's what everybody tells me. I've always been very optimistic...but this is a bit much.